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My sounds in NFT

For some time I have had a curious interest in NFT. It is a digital or digitized work, which can be purchased, collected or resold.

As in all forms of art, the work is not fungible, ie it cannot be exchanged for another "equivalent" work. Indeed, unlike a ticket which can be exchanged for another without anyone seeing anything wrong with it, the Mona Lisa can never be exchanged for another work, even of equivalent financial value, because two works will never be comparable. .

Because I really like this principle, I promised myself to slowly enrich my own collection of audio NFTs. The audio being rather rare in the middle of the NFC.

My idea is not to sell all the sounds I produce, which seems silly to me, but only a few of my favorite sounds, individually. I like the idea of ??maintaining a collection of rarities, hoping to sell them to collectors, who will then support my work.

If you are interested, here is the page to consult and buy them: https://rarible.com/josephsardin/

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