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Margaret McCollum and her husband's voice

In London, Margaret McCollum used to go to the platform of the "Embankment" underground station to hear the voice of her husband Oswald Laurence, who died in 2007. Comedian, Oswald's voice announces "Mind the gap" ( pay attention to the space between the train and the platform):


The actor had roles in films including the 1956 comedy Three Men In A Boat, the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen, and TV episodes of The Saint, starring Roger Moore.

“He was never very far in my head and in my heart. And knowing that I could go and listen to his voice was just wonderful. It was a great comfort. I was going to sit on the platform. I would sometimes miss a few trains just so I could hear it. Although he could do accents, it was his natural voice - clear, precise, authoritative. His announcement didn't say "please", it was perfectly minimalistic. So that's what I did until November 2012, until the day I heard a different voice. »

Indeed, in 2012, the ad was for a time removed in favor of a digitized ad. However, in 2013, the announcement was reinstated in the only station "Embankment" by the company TfL (Transport For London) when it learned of this moving story. A copy of the recording was also delivered to Margaret by the company.

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